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The corporate vision of

DRDS is to handle every

project with care and trust,

highly dedicated to the client.

DRDS only exists for a few years and already counts an impressive list of customers such as Tesla, McDonald’s and Coolblue. All of these brands found us based on years of experience and trust we have gained as employees of DRDS.

Together with 15 colleagues we cover a large part of the construction industry, and are not limited to one engagement like sports or tech. Precisely because we are broadly based, we can, for example, use our valuable experience from McDonald’s for a brand like Tesla. We are a very enthusiastic and motivated group of people who aim for fun projects that energize us every time again and turn working into a pleasure.

Dutch is not only our nationality, its also a type of character that we are proud to carry. Clients/colleagues from abroad relate this to being open, honest and able to help clients.

Retail is because the majority of our experience is in this field. We often worked for longer periods of time for (inter)national clients.

Development is related to the biggest part of our job. We are there to help the client with developing their ‘dreams’. This needs to go along with several phases in de process like design, bidding an execution phases.

Solutions would be the best way to describe what we do in one word. We always make it happen!

Don’t make excuses for why you can’t get it done. Focus on all the reasons why you must make it happen.

Gregg HurleySVP Tesla Motors


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DRDS is widely providing management

services starting from the idea up

to realization and beyond.

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We work in the following fields of management:

Managing a project is exactly what DRDS does for you. Relief you from the daily worries, for instance: Will the quality be as expected? Will the budget be exceeded? Will the project be completed within time?

Projectmanagement contains according DRDS’s vision five main questions: “where, when, why, who and what”. By focussing on those items we will be able to manage everything in a suitable way.

DRDS will give the client a good, in control and proactive feeling. Due to using new technologies, project management systems and a proactive approach the client can focus himself on the core. Which is the idea that has been designed in the beginning and that will be transformed into a final physical product.

Through years of experience DRDS knows that the retail branch is very intensive. Our approach in retail projects is different than regular ‘traditional’ projects.

Key words in retail projects are design, time, budget, location and, maybe the most important one, communication!

DRDS worked for several brands and retailers like Tesla, McDonald’s & Coolblue.

DRDS’s vision is to handle every project with care and trust, highly dedicated to the project like our clients would like it to be. We believe in up to date communication, dedication and trust which is key for a proper completion of the project.

Construction management contains a lot of customer contact. During the initial phase help and advise in the process are most often highly appreciated by the client. DRDS will make everything visible and guide the client through the process. After the Design process, DRDS steps over to the completion per phase execution and aftercare of the project, never forgetting to communicate and set the right expectations with the client.

We do not only help creating, constructing and realizing ideas. After completion we are available to unburden you from all kinds of maintenance like small repairs up to complete remodels. Due to our good relationship with our partners throughout Europe and UK we are capable to act fast and help you out with any request.

Rule 1: The customer is always right. 

Rule 2: If the customer is ever wrong,

re-read Rule 1.

Stew Leonard , CEO Stew Leonard's


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